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About Us


So where did Truck-bedz come from?

“Work hard, Play hard” has long been our motto, anything worth doing is worth doing with gusto and enthusiasm!

We love just being outdoors, camping, fishing, hiking, bike riding, motorcycling and 4 wheeling our trucks while enjoying ourselves wherever we happen to be in this great big beautiful world of ours. When we reach that perfect vista or secluded glen we want to stop right there and make camp. Since many times we've got our pickup truck or SUV with us Truck-bedz were invented to provide us a great nights sleep up off of the ground when we’re done working or playing outdoors and need to catch some sleep in the back of our trucks at the end of the day.

The biggest problem with the tents that we’ve all got is that we don’t always want to take the time to find a suitable site, clean it of rocks roots and debris and have to level it as best we can and finally pitch a tent and set up a full blown camp. We just want a good night’s sleep and the inside of my dirtiest truck is still clean, warmer and more bug free than any plot of earth. Truck-bedz provide the comfort of a full size or queen size mattress, made to fit naturally into our pickup trucks and SUV's and they'll inflate in about 60 seconds and deflate in about 60 seconds. Truck-bedz are an instant bed for your rig and they roll up and fit nice behind your rear seat so that they are ready when you need a bed. In a single minute. Wherever you might happen to be. This is why we like the tents that fit on trucks... you're self contained and can roll in a moment if need be.

Since we work hard and play hard, everyone quickly agreed that ordinary air mattresses just don’t cut it. They leak. They pop. They puncture. They have lame leaky valves, weak anemic airpumps and they’re made from cheap kiddie pool PVC materials. They’re not able to withstand any abrasion and they certainly aren’t up to the rigors of our hard charging outdoor lifestyle despite their economy.

As an engineer I researched all available materials and discovered an extraordinarily tough nylon backpack cloth that when coated with a special TPU urethane material typically used for life jackets and airplane escape slides makes an enormously tough air bed. This TPU coated cloth stuff costs a bunch more but man is it tough!! Truck-bedz original cloth Expedition series are meant for those of us who enjoy the great outdoors and want our sleeping products to be durable as well as comfortable while we're outdoors.

We all know that sleeping outdoors takes a different type of product than setting up a typical air bed on the carpet in the den for dear Aunt Martha when she visits. My truck gets used as a truck and is known to have leftover bark, splinters, pine needles, rocks and other debris commonly found in other 'used' pickup trucks. Even if I take the time to sweep it out, and I don't usually manage, Truck-bedz need to work regardless.

Most air mattresses cut every corner to get the prices as low as possible but lose quality at each step. Many of us have suffered through buying a bargain air mattress and waking up on the ground due to the poor quality of PVC vinyl film. We think that using cheap material and cutting corners is a mistake that yields cheaper shoddy products and we don't want to do this with Truck-bedz. Our Truck-bedz Expedition Series are constructed from TPU coated 420D nylon backpack cloth and are so well engineered and constructed that we've yet to find ANYONE that makes an air mattress that even comes remotely close to the quality that we offer. That includes EVERY other brand name on the market so don't be fooled when they claim that their cheapo PVC vinyl beds are "all terrain" or "rugged" because ANY flavor of PVC or vinyl falls far short of the durability and reliability of TPU coated nylon cloth beds. Cloth beds cost much more to make and this is why no one else can be bothered to do so. They prefer to sell cheaper PVC vinyl beds.

We provide every Truck-bedz with 2 stage zodiac "Boston" boat valves because we found that EVERY other valve solution did not survive real world testing. No silly pinch valves. No foolish plug valves. No unreliable flapper valves. No gadgetry, no dirty O rings to fail. We use quality components and you get a quality product. Once again the valves may cost a tad more but wouldn't you rather be certain that this valve is not going to leak?

And yet with all of this knowlege we know that we must provide for the more budget minded campers so we've still created the Weekender series made from the best grade of velour topped, low temperature resistant, puncture resistant vinyl films available. The Weekender series provide all with the natural Truck-bedz sleeping area fit for your comfort. Even if you're on a budget you still deserve the best night's sleep possible for your money.

Please check out our new website, find the size that’s right for your truck or SUV by selecting your auto type from the pull down menu, select your model and enjoy the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had in a pickup truck or SUV. Let us know if you have questions. If you don’t find a model for your particular truck, don’t sweat it too much, just let us know which truck model you drive and we'll check our vast database and find one of our many models that will fit your truck or SUV.

Our intent is to show that someone who has built huge 20' gates, massive 21,000lb fifteen foot long concrete tables and an 8' long 5' wide brick-lined firepit is just not the type of person to put out an under engineered product simply to cut corners to make another $0.25 per product. That's not how we play. We want our customers to be happy that they discovered Truck-bedz Expedition Series are built the way that products were meant to be built.

We're thrilled to report that our customers fully agree.

If we can find a way to make them better next year then we will. We make the best products possible, even if they cost a little more because satisfied customers are worth it. We've used and abused our camping and outdoor products for years and always are bummed when something fails due to 'optimized' design for 'manufacturability'. Right. Cheaper is not always better.

And many of you agree. We make the Expedition series Truck-bedz out of extra heavy duty 420D nylon backpack cloth coated with ultra low temperature TPU urethane exactly because this tough material is one of few that can provide the brutal abrasion and puncture resistance required for real world use. We know. We've thrashed our share of cheap vinyl film beds in our time.

We also know what it's like to find a totally trick little vista to hang for the night and just enjoy the views right where we parked. No motel required. No clearing a spot on the ground. Sleep in your truck and do it comfortably.    Truck-bedz, they just work.

Stay tuned and see what else we've got coming down the pike and send your Truck-bedz campsite photos to enter our next free accessory contest. Everyone loves freebies!

If you have any questions about model selection, material secifications or fitment options please call us at (949) 460-0395 or use the Contact Us form at the bottom of any page.

To all of our customers, from all of us at TD3 Products LLC Truck-bedz Store - Thank you for your interest in our great products!


Terry Hanrahan

Inventor, Engineer, Outdoorsman, Mountaintop Pontificator

US Patents 8,065,761; 8,316,484; other patents pending