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Truck-bedz New Site blog post!

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Welcome to our new Truck-bedz blog!

My close friends are of a mixed mind as to the value of an iconoclast like me sharing my occasional incendiary thoughts with the nice customers coming here in search of a Truck-bedz when they are simply seeking the Most Comfortable Nights Sleep You'll Ever have in a Pickup Truck or SUV. 

The best thing about writing a blog to the Truck-bedz family is that our customers are some of the best people I've ever met.  It seems that anyone who has ever had a reason to sleep in their vehicle also has a certain perspective on life that is worthy of sharing.  I for one am glad for every one of you and I remain dedicated to building the best possible vehicle shaped air beds possible.

It seems appropriate to Thank everyone once again as we kick off yet another new website and to offer my ear should you have comments on how we can improve things from your view.  I know that first and foremost you'd like that we never have another Backordered item and while that remains a lofty goal it's one that we'll strive to meet.  Creating a supply chain with custom materials and custom tooling and providing products at a reasonable cost is a longer story for another day but it sure keeps us busy.

Please stay tuned for other insights into the Truck-bedz realm and keep your product usage shots coming, we'll try to carve out a cool spot for them on this new site.

And have a great day!