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Thank you for visiting the new Truck-bedz website!! 

We're proud to bring Truck-bedz to our customers including the Truck-bedz Gold series of patented two layer air beds.  



We'd like to say THANK YOU once again to all of our great customers for your patience and sustained interest in Truck-bedz.  It turns out that quite a few of us have slept in our vehicles.  I've worked in lots of different industries over the years and sold lots of different products and I must say that Truck-bedz customers have got to be some of the finest customers anyone could ask for.  Thank you once again.

If you're awaiting a Backordered model Thank You to everyone for your patience as we try to bring in more products sooner.   I admit that there are issues with supply chains long enough to provide attractive pricing, and we've got lots more products on their way but sometimes it seems to take forever.  To assure that an incoming bed is yours please share your vehicle and product preferences on our Contact form at the bottom of this page and we'll add you to the Backorder list for priority shipment when your model arrives. 


Long time Truck-bedz customers will note that bed selection by auto logo buttons has been moved to the drop down menu under "Products".  Use any of the menus to select your truck and cargo area and we'll display all of your bed choices.  In many cases you will be offered the same shape in one or more materials.  Please view the Products page to learn more about our Truck-bedz materials.

Keep us posted if you see little pockets of this new site still requiring updates and if you see something or have questions about products or materials just give us a call and we'll assist your selection.  If your truck or SUV is not shown please call or use our contact form and we'll answer your questions and help you find the perfect Truck-bedz model for you. 

Truck-Bedz Expedition series remain the toughest and strongest air beds sold in the US outdoors market today.  Bar None. We now offer Truck-bedz designed in many great shapes for sleeping outdoors in the back of your pickup truck or SUV. Truck-bedz models fit around and over the wheel wells of your vehicle, maximizing your sleeping comfort!

Truck-bedz Weekender series PVC vinyl film with velour top prices still start as low as $69.95!  

Truck-bedz Expedition series TPU nylon cloth prices still start as low as $169.95!

Truck-bedz Gold series PVC nylon cloth beds with built it one touch airpumps start at $199.95!


Why an extra $100 for a cloth air bed?      Because you get what you pay for and quality raw materials simply cost more.  


Truck-bedz Original Expedition series are constructed from 420D nylon backpack cloth which has been coated with special TPU polyurethane and then RF welded into shapes to fit nearly every pickup or SUV. Superior materials provide superior strength at even the lowest temperatures.

Truck-bedz economical Weekender series features the same great vehicle fits while made with the familiar velour topped comfort made from PVC based vinyl film similar to Coleman and Aerobed at the more consumer friendly prices.

Truck-bedz patented Gold series feature the more economical PVC based coating on our same thick 420D nylon fabric. We hope this offers the best of both worlds and Truck-bedz Gold also includes a rechargeable battery powered built in one touch airpump for automatic inflation and deflation.  Truck-bedz Gold also offer a full depth Security Pocket for with covered storage of valuables nearby.  All Truck-bedz  feature our super reliable Boston boat valve for secondary inflation or deflation.  

Quality costs more.  Precisely because it is worth it.

Truck-bedz Expedition series are the ONLY TPU polyurethane laminated nylon cloth full size mattresses on the market today without a single drop of vinyl or PVC found anywhere in the product.  Truck-bedz Expedition Series airbeds cost more EXACTLY BECAUSE we use the better materials for their construction. And YOU get the better products because of this.



The patent protected, two layer Truck-bedz Gold series beds provide Full and Queen size vehicle sleeping comfort and compliment our innovative single layer products in dogbone, rectangular and "T" shapes to fit nearly every camping vehicle in the US today. Truck-bedz providies campers with top quality full thickness sleeping comfort for anyone that sleeps in their vehicles. 

 If you have any questions or do not see your vehicle listed or have a question about Backordered products please contact us at (866) 303-2339 and we'll assist your selection of our many Truck-bedz models.  We have sleeping solutions for nearly every vehicle.

Thank you for your continued interest and enthusiasm for our Truck-bedz product line.